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The following are documents generated during the investigation and prosecution of Carl Edward Johnson. They are made available via the Internet with his permission. Prior to his conviction, he wrote that he believed that he would not receive a fair trial and that he wanted a "cyberspace trial" so that the world would know the nature and strength of the evidence against him.

I am aware (and readers of these documents should be aware) that law enforcement agents have been known to engage in psychological warfare against domestic political groups. Specifically, they have been known to generate spurious documents intended to create dissension and distrust among groups of otherwise cooperative and compatible people. They have also actively created the impression that members of a group or movement were government informers when in fact they were not. This activity has been documented across several decades and as having been used against various political movements and organizations, including the Black Panthers, CISPES, and AIM; it has led to the dissolution of groups into opposing factions, and in some cases has led to physical beatings and deaths as a result of the apparent disloyalty of one member or another. For more information about this, I recommend: Cointelpro: The FBI's Secret War on Political Freedom by Nelson Blackstock; Agents of Repression: The FBI's Secret Wars Against the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement by Ward Churchill and Jim Vander Wall; The Cointelpro Papers: Documents from the FBI's Secret Wars Against Dissent in the United States, also by Churchill and Vander Wall; and Undercover: Police Surveillance in America by Gary T. Marx.

I am also aware that law enforcement agents are trained to, and intend to, apply considerable psychological pressure to interview subjects in order to convince them to provide information harmful to themselves or to people they care about. I am further aware that, historically, people have chosen to act as informants against their friends and neighbors because of perceived threats to their own safety or political well-being. I don't think it's an accident that the subjects of investigatory interviews in this case were interviewed (in many cases) at their places of business, without warning, by IRS agents. For more information about this, I recommend: You and the Police! by Boston T. Party, and Interviewing and Interrogation for Law Enforcement by John E. Hess. (Also The File by Timothy Garton Ash, The Joke by Milan Kundera and The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn if you're more inclined towards literary works.)

I did not publish the documents prior to the conclusion of his trial because I was concerned that doing so would anger the government and provoke them into unlawful and illegitimate retribution against CJ or myself. (I don't make that statement lightly or without reflection on its implications.) Many of the events and messages at the core of CJ's case are related to messages and ideas about the arrest, prosecution, and sentencing of another cypherpunk list member, Jim Bell, whose writings and ideas were used against him in his encounter with the criminal trial system.

Apparently, there are some law enforcement personnel who don't believe that ordinary citizens have a right to observe and comment upon the way that they conduct the public's business - they seem to think that they can legitimately scrutinize the behavior of others, but that their conduct can or should be exempt from scrutiny and reflection. I strongly disagree. Every aspect of the government's conduct of the people's business must be made available for review by those whom the government is meant to represent. Civic (and civilian) oversight of government conduct is especially crucial where it concerns functions such as the use of the power of the state to investigate and imprison its citizens, and even more so in areas like Internet-related crime, where evidentiary standards, expectations of privacy, reasonableness of searches, etc., are still being determined. We cannot blindly assume that the government will make good moral and political choices about who will be prosecuted, and when; nor can we blindly assume that the government will make accurate and reliable technical determinations about the relationships between virtual/electronic entities and physical bodies which it subjects to investigatory and punitive actions.

I don't agree with everything that Carl Johnson and Jim Bell have written; and I'm sure they don't agree with everything I've written. I do believe that their writings, regardless of their intellectual merit or their tastefulness (or lack thereof) were speech protected by the First Amendment, and I believe that their convictions should serve as a warning to others concerned about the health of the Constitution and its viability today.

No person should fear that their government will subject them to special investigatory attention because they have chosen to express ideas that are unpopular, unconventional, or unsettling. That process - even if it does reveal information about actual crimes committed - cannot help but reduce (perhaps to zero) the quality and quantity of political and moral discourse engaged in by others. Choices made by law enforcement about investigation and arrest, and choices made by prosecutors about charging and disposition, must not be made dependent upon a person's (lack of) willingness to appear subservient and submissive before the state or corporate interests.

I believe that Jim Bell was convicted of actual crimes that he committed; but that the evidence of the actual crimes was gained during an investigation into Jim because of his exercise of his Constitutional right to free speech. I believe that Carl Johnson was convicted of, essentially, disrespect of the System and its employees.

More information about Jim Bell's arrest and conviction is available at <> and at <>. More information about Carl Johnson's arrest, detention, and conviction is available at <>.

The documents are made available in .PDF form for two reasons - because of the difficulty of achieving good results with consumer-grade OCR systems, and in order to provide a modicum of privacy for the people peripherally involved. Their names and participation will now be available, but not easily searchable or indexable by automated means. In one instance, I blacked out personal information about people mentioned in investigatory reports without their cooperation or permission. I have copies of all of this information on paper, and have distributed it to several other people prior to the publication of this webpage in order to minimize the chances that I'll be subjected to attempts at censorship.

-- Greg Broiles, <>

Filename Description
3.pdf Insp. Jeff Gordon's memorandum summarizing Canadian ISP/telephone evidence
4.pdf Sympatico customer records, SaskTel billing detail
5.pdf Printouts of Email messages to Bill Gates, Cypherpunks list
6.pdf Apparently files dumped from hard disk of seized laptop, mentioning Circle of Eunuchs and Jim Bell case details
7.pdf More file dumps - "iwarannounce" and file with hand-written note "kids computer"
8.pdf Two documents - first page of "Infowar", apparently as posted through remailers and as found on laptop hard disk
9.pdf Dump of files related to email conversation with Sympatico sysadmin Dan Deck regarding unreplyable "Reply-To:" headers in email messages.
10.pdf Emails (apparently from outgoing email file on laptop hard disk) from 12/97 regarding InfoWar, assassination politics
11.pdf Microsoft corporate "Security Report" and internal emails regarding message to Bill Gates
12.pdf Discussion of relationship between CJ's arrest and search of Jim Bell's computer equipment; discussion re secret keys and signature attack
13.pdf Copy of IRS press release sent to various Cypherpunks regarding Jim Bell guilty plea; messages to Senators Kennedy and Feinstein
14.pdf DejaNews view of message posted to Usenet dated 12/9/97 with purported password for "carljohn" account at Sympatico and of message re Bill Gates; prologue to "Space Aliens Hide My Drugs"
15.pdf Email, PGP screen dump re "sog" PGP key
16.pdf Interview report re Paul Barrington/Paul Bear
17.pdf Interview report re Robert & Pauline McWilliams
18.pdf Interview report re Jim Choate
19.pdf Email from Lance Cottrell re Cyberpass AUP, with printout signed (pen & ink) by Lance Cottrell
20.pdf Interview report re Igor Chudov
21.pdf Interview report re Charles McCracken
22.pdf Interview report re William Denney
23.pdf Interview report re Declan McCullagh
24.pdf Handwritten affidavit from Blanc Weber following IRS interview
25.pdf Report re Carl Johnson and his arrest in Tucson
26.pdf Declaration of John Gilmore (incomplete)
27.pdf US Marshals' Service report, discussing IRS monitoring of Cypherpunks list, and what was interpreted as a death threat against a federal magistrate.(Some personal information blacked-out to shield subjects)
28.pdf US Marshals' Service report, discussing Carl Johnson
29.pdf Affidavit of David Smith re Bureau 42 hosting of CJ's writings, contact with CJ
30.pdf Report of Sgt. Del Block regarding purported "Explosive Fire Bomb at the Estevan Court House", discussing coordination between RCMP, Estevan Police Service, and IRS.
31.pdf US Secret Service report concerning Carl Johnson
32.pdf Handwritten notes re "The CJ Parker Hate Page", photocopies of ID (apparently in CJ's possession at time of arrest?)
33.pdf Printed emails, handwritten notes re "RSA/LEA challenge" & misc, "The Revolution is NOW!" document
35.pdf Misc documents, apparently emails?
36.pdf "terror.pln" document
37.pdf PGP screen dumps
38.pdf "SPACE ALIENS HIDE MY DRUGS" document, with handwritten note & signature from Linda Reed denying her authorship
39.pdf Social Security Office of the Inspector General's report re Carl Johnson
41.pdf Email apparently received by Jim Bell from Toto (see note at bottom of first page); Email from Jim Bell
42.pdf "AP Bot" related messages, screen dump of AP Bot
43.pdf DejaNews dump of "InterNet DEATH THREAT!!!" message, John Gilmore msg re Bernstein appeal hearing, Human Gus-Peter message, InfoWar End Game message
44.pdf IRS' line-by-line analysis of HTML for AP Bot web page, screen shot of AP Bot page, dump of HTML source for AP Bot page
45.pdf Insp. Jeff Gordon's summary of information received from RCMP following RCMP search of Carl Johnson's home in Bienfait, Saskatchewan.
46.pdf Email message with handwritten note "Decrypts to Bell key/password"
47.pdf Misc email messages, screen dumps from Explorer and PGP
jgmt Judgement, terms of probation
appnot Notice of appeal